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Lanka Ayurveda Resort is a delightful hideaway on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, 67 kilometers away from Colombo. This Resort is located directly on the sandy beach of Sri Lanka with a front view of a lake surrounded by greenish trees. And 100m away lies a beautiful view of the ocean from our Ayurveda villa to enjoy the sun and the soothing sea breeze. Lanka Ayurveda is a complete renovation enhanced mansion into a spacious resort with beautifully landscaped gardens. We do guarantee the highest quality and service with authenticity.

Feel the Difference 

Relaxing Environment

We provide you the Best Ayurveda treatment experience in Sri Lanka. Our location surrounded by beautiful nature. Feel the nature and relax.

Finest Herbals

We use high quality and real herbals for our treatments. That is why our Ayurveda medicines improve our patient’s health so quickly.

Heavenly Treatments

Our team is well trained and experienced in Ayurveda for several years. With high customer satisfaction, We are highly confident about our service. Furthermore, our Docter is fluent in English and German this removes the difficulties with communication. 

Feels like Home

With many facilities and services, we make sure that you feel that you have never left your home. Safety, exotic foods, and hospitality is our theme.

Essence of Nature

Our treatments are 100% natural and no side effects. Nurturing our body with the essence of nature.

Heal with
Nature’s Blessings

The name “Ayurveda” derives from the old Indian language Sanskrit and means “Science of longevity”. Ayurveda is a great science that can help you stay healthy for a Long Life. A health system that had practiced in India and Sri Lanka. It relies solely on natural medicines.

Ayurvedic journey with us

Treatments facilities in all types of Ayurveda & Traditional orthopedic treatments. Pure Ayurveda and native treatments under the supervision of a qualified and experienced Ayurveda doctor.  Ayurveda medicines and herbal oils are prepared by us. 100% best quality guaranteed from the medicine we use to treat our clients.

Ayurveda is recommended, to all those seeking inward balance or equilibrium, a long and healthy life, and to all those who like to experience the fullness of life. We are sure that you will feel at home, among our well-experienced service personnel lead by our Doctor Dr. W.A.S. Kumara (Dr. Kumara), a well-known Ayurveda physician, in Sri Lanka, as well as in Europe. He has long experience in Diagnosing and curing foreign patients. They will devote individual attention, on you. The cuisine, well provide you with healthy, tasty and organic Ayurveda meals, and friendly service; will attend to your every need at all times. Western experts on Ayurveda have often drawn attention, to the aspect, that, this system of natural medicine, achieves good results, where, Western Medicine has encountered great difficulties.

Ayurveda is conducive to your health, provides you with new vital energy, invigorates your powers of resistance, self-healing, and maintains the efficiency of mind and body even in old age. Our Ayurveda treatments help to combat many chronic illnesses, and at the same time, frees from psychological burdens.

We are offering treatments for Regeneration, treatments for weight loss, treatments for Disc burg, treatments for Arthritis, treatments for Osteoarthritis,  treatments for Rheumatoid arthritis, treatments for Bone spurs in Shoulder,  treatments for All muscles, tissues, tended damages, and many more treatments.

Our Ayurvedic Center has proven to be successful in rejuvenation, detox as also helpful in many health conditions, some of which are as follows:

General well-being

Lifestyle-related diseases

Weight loss




Sleeping disorders

Weight Management





Neck & Spine Care


Old age care





Skin Diseases


Eye Diseases


The results vary from person to person as also the medical condition, but in most cases, Ayurveda has helped people in curing the diseases and managing a healthy life.

A Few Words About

Lanka Ayurveda

Lanka Ayurveda offers 4 very comfortable Villas and 2 Rooms all with beautiful typical furniture, fabrics, and decoration. All our villas have TV, cable, Wi-fi, and Kitchen. Our villa can be great for single travelers, families, and couples and is also ideal for groups. Perhaps if you are a group traveling to Sri Lanka.




Lanka Ayurveda is near to the Sandy Beach of Bentota and it is a few minutes of walk away. We provide beach chairs.


Lanka Ayurveda has some of the best views of the Bentota River, including the garden and the pool.


This hotel is located in a lovely neighborhood that was really quite nice for your Family holiday in Sri Lanka.


An invigorating splash in the outdoor fresh water swimming pool at Lanka Ayurveda.

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